To contact the Lowell Democratic City Committee, email us or call chair Judith Durant at (978) 937-8844.


Chair: Judith Durant
Vice Chair: Wayne Jenness
Secretary: Christopher Jenkins
Treasurer: Anne Sepe
AAO: Raymond Russell/Champa Pagne
Policy/Outreach: Harry Kortikere

Democratic State Committee Members

Curtis LeMay
Edward Kennedy
Niki Tsongas
Michael Demaras
Patricia Kirwin-Kielty
Christopher Jenkins

Ward Chairs

To determine your Ward, visit the Elections and Voting page on the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website.

Ward One: Patricia Kirwin-Kielty
Ward Two: Sally Coulter
Ward Three: Anne Sepe
Ward Four: James Peters
Ward Five: Dennis Mercier
Ward Six: Suzanne LeMay
Ward Seven: Paul Ratha Yem
Ward Eight: Judith Durant
Ward Nine: Keith Sweeney
Ward Ten: Paul Sweeney
Ward Eleven: Nancy Pitkin


Lowell Democratic City Committee By-Laws

Lowell Democratic City Committee Policy Statement