To contact the Lowell Democratic City Committee, email us or call chair Judith Durant at (978) 937-8844.


Chair: James Ostis
Vice Chair: Beth Tripathi
Secretary: Christopher Jenkins
Treasurer: Sally Coulter
AAO: William Murphy

SubCommittee members

Affirmative Action/Outreach:



Nancy Pitkin, Chair
Christopher Jenkins
Kerry Regan Jenness


Bev Beno, Chair
Hugh McGill
Harry Kortikere
Amy Roeder
Sally Coulter



GLAD Member Representatives

Sally Coulter
Paul Gaudet
Vanna Howard
John Juszkiewicz
Susan LeMay
Hugh McGill (alternate)

Democratic State Committee Members

Curtis LeMay
Edward Kennedy
Niki Tsongas
Patricia Kirwin-Kielty
Christopher Jenkins

Ward Chairs

To determine your Ward, visit the Elections and Voting page on the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website.

Click on the appropriate link below to email your ward chair.

Ward One: Susan LeMay
Ward Two: James Ostis
Ward Three: Quinn Lawrence
Ward Four: Sally Coulter
Ward Five:  Paul Sweeney
Ward Six: Pending re-org
Ward Seven: Mitchell Paulin
Ward Eight: Judith Durant


Lowell Democratic City Committee By-Laws

Lowell Democratic City Committee Policy Statement