Lowell Democratic City Committee reorganization

Lowell Democratic City Committee postcard

Do you want to get more involved in Democratic politics? One way is to join us as a member of the Lowell Democratic City Committee. Lowell’s city committee is comprised of 11 ward committees, each of which can have 21 elected members plus others who are elected officials or members of the State Committee.

On April 9, 2018, we will reorganize, meaning the city committee and each ward committee will elect officers for two-year terms. Ward committees will also vote to elect new members, one of which could be you.

Here is Section I from the Massachusetts Democratic Party regarding local committees.

Functions of Local Committees

Town, ward and city committees are the foundation of Party organization and have the closest contact with the people. The local committees shall conduct, according to duly established and recorded local bylaws, such activities as are suitable for a political organization; among which (without limitation) are: the endorsement of enrolled Democratic candidates in partisan and nonpartisan primaries, preliminaries and elections; financial support of the State Committee and Democratic nominees; the adoption of resolutions and platforms; the raising and disbursing of funds for political purposes; voter registration campaigns; and the calling of caucuses for the purpose of endorsing candidates, adopting resolutions, or conducting other Party business as provided for in the Call.

All local committees are intended to be working committees, dedicated to the cause of winning elections. All members should pledge a minimum ofs 40 hours in each two-year election cycle to organizing or soliciting financial or grassroots voter support for Democratic candidates, at least half of which shall be in the general election time period.

Now more than ever it’s important for all Democrats to band together to promote Democratic ideals and candidates. If you’re a registered Democrat in Lowell, we want your input and need your help. Please join us!

The reorganization meeting will be April 9, 2018, East End Social Club, 15 W 4th St., 7 p.m.

If you have any questions, contact your ward chair or contact me: judithdurant1@comcast.net.

I look forward to welcoming you to the committee!

Judith Durant
Chair, Lowell Democratic City Committee
Chair, Lowell Democratic City Committee Ward 8

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