LDCC policy statement adopted

The Policy and Outreach Committee of the Lowell Democratic City Committee presented a policy/platform for adoption at the February 26, 2018 meeting. The Massachusetts Democratic Party Charter calls for, among other things, “the adoption of resolutions and platforms” by City, Town and Ward Committees.

It goes something like this:

The National Democratic Committee adopts a platform for all Democrats.

State committees adopt a platform that is in sync with the national platform, but one that is focused on the specific needs of their state.

A city committee then creates a policy that is in sync with the state platform, but one that is focused on their own community.

The Policy and Outreach Committee did excellent work over the course of the past eight months since its inception and came up with a policy that was adopted with the support of most of those at the meeting. Read the policy

The Democratic Party has members from many walks of life, varied economic states, and widely different life experiences. This leads to a wide swath of political views. Our goal as Democrats should be to focus on our agreements and set policies and support candidates that align with those things that we agree on.

We hope you will consider joining us and helping us with this work. “Like” our Facebook page @lowelldems to get notifications of meetings and events.

Judith Durant, Chair, Lowell Democratic City Committee

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